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Rwanda-Style Deportation Schemes Are Unworkable

Politicians across Europe, spanning the political spectrum from right to left, are copying the UK’s Rwanda-style policies to move asylum seekers to third countries. A recent report from a journalism class at Central European University (CEU) in Vienna casts doubt on the practicality of these proposals.

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Our Projects

Global Media Finances Map

Global Media Finances Map is a project of the Media and Journalism Research Center, a research institute that specializes in carrying out media research globally. This website features the most

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Decoding the Power Play: Media and Elections in 2024

A research project charting the interplay among media, political parties and the private sector in a highly charged electoral year Project description The symbiotic relationship between media and elections has

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MJRC Funding Program

MJRC Financial Support Program for Independent Media The Media and Journalism Research Center embarked on a new activity in 2020: funding of independent media outlets and journalistic projects in media

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Mapping EU Spending on Media Projects

The EU has been investing billions of euros into media-related projects through several funds and programs, with the goal of improving the quality of journalism and the resilience of the

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Support to Media Reform in Lebanon

Lebanon is currently facing an unprecedented multiple crisis at political, social and economic levels. Substantial reforms are a main precondition of any recovery. During this period of uncertainty and transition, independent and

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Media Sustainability

As the Covid-19 infodemic has shown, business models in the global media and information space are not conducive to independent, fact-based journalism, but rather encourage the spread of misinformation, disinformation

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