Here is a selection of the most popular videos of the public talks, lectures and panel discussions that our director Marius Dragomir organized or participated in during the past few years.

The Debunking Effect

War in Ukraine and Disinformation

Is AI Good for the Planet?

Dean Starkman on Pandora Papers

Big Tech, Journalism and Copyright Rules: Who’ll Win, Who’ll Lose

Media Philanthropy in the Global Pandemic: A New Way or Business as Usual?

Journalism in Myanmar: Back to the Dark Ages?

Can Journalism Be Saved in Ukraine?

Australia Wants Tech Companies to Pay for Content: The End of Free Lunch or a Dangerous Precedent?

Banning Trump on Social Media: Freedom of Expression in the Era of Platform Power

Saving Journalism: A Vision for the Post-covid World

From the Shell Papers to the Hungarian Pm’s Family Business: Foia Requests and Journalism

My Dear Unwanted: Media Discourse on Sex-selective Abortion in Montenegro

Dean Starkman on the Fincen Files

The Journalism Crisis and How To Fix It

What Happens When Academia and Media Work Together?

Media Influence Matrix: Slovakia

Media Freedom in Times of COVID-19

Starkman on COVID-19 and Journalism

Starkman on Luanda Leaks

Portrayal of Migration in the Media

Starkman on the China Cables

Measuring and Building Audience Trust

Workshop on Misinformation and Propaganda for Hungarian Students

Funding Journalism in the Digital Age

Media Capture: The Relationship Between Power, Media Freedom and Advocacy