Advisory Services

Below you find the areas and issues our consultants have expertise in.

Policy, regulatory and legal frameworks

Media regulation and law
Internet governance
Evolution of technology policy

Media and journalism

Media mapping

Media ownership
Internet governance
Community media
Social media


Funding models
Journalism and politics
Investigative journalism
Historical perspectives

Digital rights and advocacy

Digital rights, privacy and data protection
Policy advocacy and civil society
Technology and civil society
Activism and participation
Communication policy advocacy and media justice

Harmful content online

Assessment of social media and ISP policy and practice
Civil society responses
Challenges related to freedom of expression

Narratives and media representation

Migration and media
Discourse and content analysis


Societal aspects of big data
Digital humanities
Ethics of big datacontent analysis

Media development

Organizational evaluations

Strategic evaluation is the center’s main strength in impact assessment. We have expertise in two types of strategic evaluation.

Advocacy strategy

Our coaching and workshops take the clients through all stages of advocacy planning: research, strategizing, and impact evaluation.


Our reporting services include analyses on specific issues and topics and country reports as well as comparative country analyses. We also offer as part of our reporting services datasets consisting of key information and statistics on companies and markets.

Trend analysis

Media regulation and law and internet governance

Governance of public service media

Regulation of community media

Legal frameworks governing social media

Funding models for journalism

Political influence in the media

Historical accounts of developments in the media

Advocacy strategies, activism and participation

Policies related to harmful content online

Coverage of migration in the media

Content analysis around specific issues and events

Regulation of digital rights, privacy and data protection

Impact of big data on societies

Country profiles and comparative reports

Description of regulatory and policy frameworks

Comparative analysis of regulatory and policy frameworks

Profiles of local advocacy groups and networks, and civil society experts covering technology

Profiles of local civil society groups and networks active in responding to policies related to harmful content online

Profiles of key actors involved in digital rights advocacy

Profiles of main players implementing regulation on data protection

Profiles of main players involved in media development

Assessment of editorial practices and coverage of media outlets


Data and statistics about public service media, private media and community media (audience, governance structures, programming, staffing)

Data on media ownership (companies’ shareholders, links with other companies, history of share purchase)

Data and information about investigative journalism platforms (founders, sources of funding, investigations, profiles of journalists)

Data on funding journalism (sources of funding media outlets and journalism networks, including public funding, donations, subscriptions, sponsorship, advertising)

Data and information about private donors and foundations active in media development

Research design

Our advisory services include assistance in research projects in all phases from conceptualization and design to dissemination and outreach as well as data use-related advice.

Research methodology & outreach

Assistance in designing methodology for research projects

Advice on research project management from the methodology development stage to the dissemination phase

Assistance and advice on effective ways of communications and outreach in research projects


Methods for using big data in humanities and social sciences

Assistance in complying with legal provisions and regulations on personal data

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