This report is part of the Media Influence Matrix project run by the Media and Journalism Research Center (MJRC) as part of the Media & Power Research Consortium. 

The country reports in the Media Influence Matrix series aim to research the changing landscape of: 

  • government and policy space, with a focus on the changes in the policy and regulatory environment
  • funding, with a focus on the key funding sources of journalism and the impact on editorial coverage
  • technology in the public sphere, with a focus on how technology companies, through activities such as automation and algorithm-based content distribution, impact news media and journalism. 

The project emphasizes news media in particular, including newly emerged players. The study is neither aimed at exhaustively mapping the entire media industry nor is it intended to target specific media sectors. Instead, it maps the most popular and most influential news media on a country-by-country basis and analyze their changing relations with politics, government and technology companies.

Data and information collection 

Research for this report was conducted in the period June 2021-December 2022 following a common set of research guidelines (See Media Influence Matrix Research Template).

Sources of information used for Argentina report 

Government, politics and regulation in Argentina

Legal Overview

  • Legal analysis of key laws affecting news media and journalism
  • Academic studies 

Regulatory Authorities

Analysis of the regulatory environment in Argentina focused on the following research questions: 

a). What have been the key changes in regulation of news content in the past five to 10 years? 

b). Who are the key influencers and most powerful institutions in regulation of news content? 

c). How transparent is the regulatory process when it comes to news media? 

d). What impact do these influencers have on news media and journalism? 

Key sources

  • Documents and reports from National Communications Entity (ENACOM), Secretariat of Public Innovation 
  • Government budget records 
  • Documents and reports from the National Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data 
  • Statistics from ENACOM
  • Media reports

Funding Journalism in Argentina 

Analysis of the key trends in funding journalism focused on the following research questions: 

a). What were the main changes in funding news media and journalism in the past five to 10 years? 

b). Who are the key funders and owners of news media and journalism? 

c). How big is the role of government in funding news media? 

d). How are sources of funding affecting independent reporting? 

e). Are there any policy implications for funding in news media? 

Key sources

  • Industry reports and statistical studies: Audit Bureau of Circulation, Comscore, Kantar Ibope, SInCA, Dataxis, Zenith Media
  • Statistical data from government sources
  • Corporate reports and data from media companies in Argentina 
  • Media reports
  • Academic works

Technology, Public Sphere and Journalism in Argentina

Analysis of the key trends in technology and journalism focused on the following research questions: 

a). What are the main changes in news content consumption driven by new technologies? 

b). Who are the largest, most influential technology companies? 

c). How are the power relations between technology companies and government? 

d). How do technology companies influence news media and journalistic content? 

Key sources

  • Data and statistics from ENACOM, World Bank, INDEC, Digital Report We Are Social, Havas Group, Telesemana
  • Corporate reports and data from technology and telecom companies in Argentina
  • Corporate databases