Our director, Marius Dragomir moderated on 28 September 2022 a panel at the TrustCon conference in Palo Alto. Tittles “Can Journalists Make Tech Platforms More Trustworthy?”, the panel explored the impact that platform beat , “a new realm of watchdog journalism” (Phil Napoli) that has emerged in recent years, has on how tech platforms behave, communicate and interact.

In the past decade, journalists all over the world have been reporting on the use and misuse of social media platforms and search engines. The panel tackled the effects of this growing coverage on the tech ecosystem and its interaction with the media sector.

It featured: Phil Napoli, James R. Shepley Distinguished Professor at the Sanford School of Public Policy, who has been studying and writing about the “platform beat” as part of his broad work on tech- and policy-related issues; two journalists from two different environments who have been following and covering tech platforms and their impact on media (Filip Struharik from DenniK N in Slovakia and Sonny Swe, founder of Frontier Myanmar); and Sarah Shirazyan, Content Policy Manager at Meta, who talked about the platform’s work on Misinformation & Algorithmic Ranking that affects or is affected by journalism.

The panel can be watched here (registration required).