MJRC Fellowship

The MJRC fellowship program is centered around a research project that fellows will develop in cooperation and with the support of the center. We can offer the affiliation of MJRC Fellow, intellectual and programmatic guidance during the research project as well as support in publication of papers and reports through our own publications series as well as those run by our academic partners. The center is affiliated and cooperates with the University of Santiago de Compostela. Several more academic affiliations will be announced in 2023.

Fellows have the possibility to engage with our expert community and participate in our events. They are also encouraged to design their own courses and classes for academic and non-academic audiences.

The program is targeted to professionals with a global profile in their field of expertise, as well as promising young researchers and journalists who want to grow and boost their experience. Depending on availability of funding, the center launches calls for applications for funded fellowships in specific areas within the field. We cooperate with potential partners (NGOs, foundations, companies, individuals) that are interested in funding our fellowship program.

We now welcome fellows who are pursuing or want to pursue work in the research areas that the center is prioritizing in its 2023-2025 strategy.

Those interested should send us a message to mjrc@journalismresearch.org.

MJRC Fellowship News

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